Access to Systems

Account Setup and Password Reset

UC San Diego uses two main accounts for accessing systems: Active Directory (AD) and Business Systems. Many systems also require Two-Step Login using the Duo application.

Active Directory (AD)

Business Systems

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is a mechanism for verifying your identity when you to sign onto UCSD applications and websites. SSO works with AD, Business Systems, and/or Student accounts. The application you are trying to access determines which type(s) of account may be used to sign on.

Accessing a Specific Application

At Your Service

At Your Service Online (AYSO) is UC's former application for managing your personal benefits information. It has been replaced by UCPath, but you may still look up earnings statements and W-2 forms prior to May 31, 2020. Contact SDSC Human Resources if you have problems.


Aventri is an events management platform, used for both online and in-person events, such as workshops and technology forums. It is used to manage registration, to collect fees, and to create event websites. UC has a system-wide contract, and each department manages their own account and users. Contact SDSC Business Computing for more information.


Campus Asset Management System (CAMS) is used for tracking inventorial equipment. Information on training can be found on Blink.

  1. Use your business systems account to log in.
  2. You will have read-only access by default.
  3. For additional access, contact your DSA.

Class Lists

Instructors needing access to their class lists must complete FERPA training for maintaining confidentiality of student records. Request access by emailing your DSA with the date you completed the training.


Cognos Analytics is UCSD's Business Intelligence tool. Request access via the IT Service Portal (also called submitting a SNOW ticket).


Ecotime is UCSD's time reporting system. Use your AD account to log in. Contact SDSC Human Resources if you have problems.



FinancialLink is UC San Diego's former suite of financial reporting tools. It has been replaced by OFC and Cognos.


LastPass Enterprise is UC San Diego's vetted password manager software of choice. Use it to manage all your logins and passwords.


Marketplace is UC San Diego's former shopping tool. It has been replace by Oracle Procurement.


Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC) is UC San Diego's financial system. For access, follow the role request process.

SDSC Reports

   Business Reporting and Analysis Tools

  1. Use your AD account to log in.
  2. The dashboard only lists reports and applications to which you have access, based on the roles assigned to you in SDSC's reporting system. 
  3. Email Business Computing to request access to specific reports and applications.

   External Awards Reports

SDSC's External Awards Reports have been retired. Financial reporting is available in OFC and Cognos.


Slack is a messaging and chat application. You can use it via web browser, downloaded desktop application, or mobile app.

  1. Go to to create an account.
  2. Use your email for account creation.
  3. Browse the Slack Help Center for instructions and tutorials.
  4. Contact the SDSC Helpdesk with problems.



UCPath is UC San Diego's human resources and payroll system. Use it to view your paycheck, benefits, leave balances, and other HR information. Use your AD account to log in. Contact Human Resources if you have problems.


Zoom is video conferencing software. See instructions on Blink.