Travel Procedures

Before You Travel

  1. Obtain written permission and funding approval from your supervisor or PI.

    If you will be creating the event yourself, booking through Connexxus, or requesting reimbursement through MyTravel, you must have a UCSD Business System SSO. Use your @ucsd email and not your @sdsc email when registering.

  2. Create an event number. There are two ways to do this.
    • Option 1: Go to MyTravel and select 'create a new trip'. Fill out the required fields. After you have submitted, your fund manager will approve and send you the event number.
    • Option 2: Request an event number from your divisional administrative assistant.
  3. Go to Connexxus to book your travel.
  4. Travel accident insurance is automatically included if you book with Connexxus. If you do not book through Connexxus, register your trip for insurance by completing the UC Business Travel Form.

After You Travel

  1. Report expenses in MyTravel and upload required receipts. See Meal Receipts below for SDSC policy on reporting meal expenses. In the 'Business Purpose/General Event Notes' section, make sure the preparer information shows you as the travel preparer. If it does not, update with your contact information. The system will prompt you for required receipts. For best results when scanning is needed, use the copy/scanner machines that are available on each floor of the SDSC building.
  2. When you get to the ‘review and submit’ tab, make sure the amounts are correct. Pay special attention to the ‘amounts paid to UCSD Travel Card’ and the ‘amount to be paid to the traveler’.
  3. Send original receipts, including itemized meal receipts, and a copy of the MyTravel summary to the Business Office.
  4. The campus deadline to submit reimbursements for travel and meeting/entertainment expenses remains at 21 days. This includes time for the preparer to process the claim and the approver(s) to review and approve it. However, for trips or events submitted after 45 days, the reimbursement may now be treated as taxable and reported on the employee’s W-2.

Meal Receipts

For short-term domestic travel, use the Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) method. You may submit a log of daily meal expenses in lieu of receipts. The amounts you claim must be based on actual expenses and cannot exceed the maximum daily limit.

If M&IE is improperly used by routinely claiming the maximum amount or claiming the maximum amount on any occasion without written justification, it would be considered taxable income to the traveler.

For foreign travel, travel outside the continental US, or long term travel, the per diem method is the preferred form of claiming meal expenses.

Having Someone Else Prepare Your Travel

Please note that your administrative assistant can do the action items under ‘Before You Travel’ and ‘After You Travel’. To set up the trip, you must provide a copy of your itinerary and written approval from your supervisor or PI. After you travel, you must provide original receipts for all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement. See Meal Receipts section above for SDSC policy on reporting meal expenses.


The preferred method of prepayment for conference registration, hotel deposit and other pre-paid travel expense is the Travel Card.

Local Conferences

Away Conferences

UCSD Travel Card

Only use a Travel Card to pay for official UCSD business travel for the cardholder.

Expenses need to be reconciled within 30 days of the transaction date. The cardholder will be responsible for penalties or fees assessed on late charges.

For pre-payments outside this 30 day window, use the Travel Card prepayment option in MyTravel to generate a payment to the traveler's Travel Card.  Log onto MyTravel, select Create Prepayment, choose Travel Card from the drop down menu and complete the fields using the event number created under the Before You Travel section above.


If you are submitting your own reimbursement through MyTravel, allow 1 week for processing. If not, allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing. Please note that if direct deposit is not used, then processing could take longer.  

Travel Tips

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