Travel Procedures

Before You Travel

  1. Obtain written permission and funding approval from your supervisor or PI. Written approval should contain:
    • Brief description of the travel
    • Project and task
    • Dollar amount approved
  2. Submit a Travel Request. It must be completed and approved prior to booking.
  3. Use Concur to book travel arrangements such as airfare, hotel, and rental car.
  4. Use a Travel & Entertainment Card to book additional arrangements such as conference registrations.

During Your Travel

  1. Use a Travel & Entertainment Card to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Record expenses.
    • For short-term travel in the continental U.S. (29 days or fewer), use the Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) method. You may submit a log of daily meal expenses in lieu of receipts. The amounts you claim must be based on actual expenses and cannot exceed the maximum daily limit.
    • For long-term U.S. travel (30 days or more) and travel outside the continental U.S., use the Per Diem method.
  3. Retain all required receipts.

After You Travel

  1. Prepare a Travel Expense Report.
    • Ask Julius or Desiree to prepare a report for you.
    • Or, you may create a Travel Expense Report for yourself in Concur. Please be aware that preparing your own can be difficult if you're not familiar with the process.
  2. Send receipts to Julius or Desiree.
    • Photos and scanned receipts are acceptable.

UCSD policy requires travel expense reporting within 21 days of completion of travel. This includes the time needed for processing, review, and approval. Reimbursements issued after 45 days may be treated as taxable income and reported on the employee’s W-2.

Travel Tips