Staff Recruitment Procedure

Contact: Aimee Sung

Please note that the steps below are general guidelines. They do not include processes for visas and other special situations involved in recruiting. Contact HR for detailed information.


  1. Inform SDSC HR of the possible recruitment.
  2. Create a Job Description for the position. SDSC HR can provide you with sample job descriptions.
  3. Complete an Employment Requisition Form for funding approval, signed by the hiring supervisor.
  4. If the classification is for a Career Tracks Information Technology position at a Professional 2 level or above, complete EVCAA New Position supplement and an additional IT supplement.
  5. Once the job description has been classified, select the top five skills and knowledge required for the position and send them to SDSC HR. These five top skills will be posted under the "Qualifications" section on the UCSD Job Bulletin and will be used as the screening criteria.
  6. SDSC HR requests for the position to be posted. The position will be posted for two weeks in the UCSD Job Bulletin.
  7. Referred resumes are routed to the hiring supervisor for screening.
  8. The hiring supervisor scores the referred applications in HireOnline using the screening criteria and notifies SDSC HR once this is complete so that the scores can be reviewed.
  9. Select the top qualified candidates for interviews.
  10. Interview the candidates and score the interviewed candidates in HireOnline using the Selection Criteria. All candidates you interview must be scored.
  11. Notify SDSC HR after the interviewed candidates have been scored so that the scores can be reviewed. Provide a justification of hire for the top candidate and justifications of non-hire for the other interviewed candidates based on/in support of the scores given on the Selection Criteria.
  12. After SDSC HR receives approval to hire, an offer letter is sent out to the selected candidate.