Business Services Officer

Fritz Leader 858-534-5963

Chief Financial Manager

Julie Gallardo 858-822-0985

Colo and IT Shared Services Recharges

Chris Battistuz 858-246-0758

Human Resources

Amy Giang-Tran - Manager 858-822-0890
Daniel Hazlett 858-534-8922
Vilay Luangraj 858-822-2705
Aimee Sung 858-822-1244

Project and Recharge Support

Sonia Nayak - Lead 858-822-0990
Ian Daly 858-822-5447
Peggy Wagner 858-534-5121
Cindy Wong 858-534-5109

Space Management

Sandy Davey 858-534-5026

Sponsored Projects

Michele Strong - Lead 858-534-5084
Mary DiMeglio 858-822-0877
William Lim 858-822-0850
Farhat Taqui 858-534-5493

Web, Database, and Applications Group

Csilla Csori 858-822-5440
Lyle Kafader 858-246-1445

Our vision

Quality customer service and professional expertise.

Our mission

Providing the support that facilitates and enables the research, educational and outreach goals of the Center through superior customer service and business expertise.