Business Intelligence

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Can you use a solution that enables you to

  • Generate reports how you want, when you want?
  • Modify and refine queries yourself, instead of waiting for IT to make the changes for you?
  • Evaluate data, identify trends, and perform benchmarking and predictive analyses?


  • Allows quick access to data
  • Integrates different data sets
  • Allows user to access data in the Data Warehouse for which there are no reports in Blink
  • Easy drag and drop custom reporting
  • Ability to look at data in countless ways
  • Pulls meaning out of large datasets
  • Ability to push data out to whomever needs it at any time

Sample Reports


Monthly hosting fee (additional fee for large data sets) $38.83
Annual per user license $500
Hourly labor for implementation, updates, and data analysis $85
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