Domestic Shipments via UCSD Shipping

You may ship your package using UCSD Shipping if your package:

  • Weighs more than 30 pounds
  • Is shipped via USPS, UPS or Federal Express
  • Contains high value equipment

Shipping Procedures:

  1. Fill out a Shipping Memo.
    • You can obtain the form from Imprints, or in SDSC Room 210.
    • Step-by-step instructions for filling out the form can be found on UCSD Blink website.

      Note: If your shipment consists of multiple packages, follow these additional steps:

      • Mark each package with running total numbers, such as "1 of 3".
      • List each package number on the Shipping Memo.
      • List the contents of each package separately.
    • Keep the pink copy for your records.
  2. Obtain transit insurance.
    • UCSD Risk Management will insure your package through its transit insurance programs if you send your package via UCSD Shipping Services.
  3. Prepare your package for shipping.
    • Put your Shipping Memo in an envelope marked "Shipping" and tape it to the package.
    • Call Shipping at (858) 534-7467, ext. 1 to request a pickup. Be prepared to provide information such as Shipping Memo Request Number, approximate weight, if your item contains hazardous materials, etc.
    • Take your package to SDSC Operations Room A2. They will log your package and await pickup.
    • All requests for pickup require 24-hour notice.
  4. The yellow copy of the Shipping Memo will be returned to you.
    • The copy will contain the carrier information and tracking numbers.

Note: The above steps are internal SDSC procedures only. Please refer to the Shipping Overview on the UCSD Blink website for more information.