Contract Position Recruitment Procedures

Contact: Carolyn Deleon

A contract appointment may be established when the position has special salary requirements or unique occupational terms and conditions of employment. Contracts may be used for one-time appointments where there is a pre-established ending date for a specific project. A contract is established for a period not exceeding 12 months. However, the contract can be renewed upon mutual agreement of both parties. Renewals are subject to approval from campus Human Resources. A contract appointment terminates automatically on the expiration date unless the contract is extended and renewed in writing prior to the expiration date.


  1. Inform HR of the possible recruitment.
  2. Create a Job Description for the position. SDSC HR can provide you with some sample job descriptions.
  3. Complete an Employment Requisition for funding approval.
  4. Complete a Computer Related Supplement if the classification is for one of the below titles:
    • Programmer Analyst II
    • Programmer Analyst III
    • Programmer Analyst IV
  5. Email the top five skills and knowledge required for the position to SDSC HR. These five top skills will be posted under the "Qualifications" section of the UCSD Job Bulletin. These top five skills should also be a part of the "Skills and Knowledge" section of the Job Description.
  6. SDSC HR will submit the job description and request for the position to be posted. The position will be posted for two weeks in the UCSD Job Bulletin.
  7. Referred resumes will be routed to the hiring supervisor for perusal.
  8. The hiring supervisor will complete a Resume Screening Matrix to rate the candidates once resumes are received.
  9. Select the top qualified candidates for interviews.
  10. Interview the candidates and complete the UCSD Selection Report.
  11. Return the Selection Report and Resume Screening Matrix to SDSC HR.
  12. SDSC HR will discuss details of the offer letter with the hiring manager.