Equipment Procedures

Equipment Management Basics

After equipment is purchased and recieved:

  1. Notify your fund manager and the SDSC equipment manager that all items have been received.
  2. Provide serial number and physical location so that SDSC equipment manager can tag the asset and update the inventory records.

Notify the SDSC equipment manager whenever physical location of asset changes.

Notify the SDSC equipment manager whenever an asset is sent in for RMA and a new item with new serial number is received in its place.

Disposing of Inventorial Equipment


A fabrication (fab) is an item manufactured from component parts. When completed, the item must have a value of $5000 or more, must stand alone, and must have a useful life of one year or longer. A fabrication is considered a piece of inventorial equipment and must be tracked just like single-item equipment. All of the steps outlined above apply to fabrications.