Meeting, Conference, and Workshop Support

Meeting Rooms and Conference Facilities

There are three SDSC meeting rooms available for use at the below discounted rates for SDSC/UCSD users. There may be an additional Administrative Fee for AV support and room configuration at $80 per hour, depending on the size and scope of your meeting requirements.

Rooms Seats First Hour Subsequent Hours
Auditorium SDSC East - EB210, EB211, EB212 200 $78 $58
Training Lab SDSC West 279 20 $43 $23
Visualization Lab SDSC East - EB143 30 $78 $38

You must submit a schedule request to reserve one of the above meeting rooms. Please include start and end times, number of attendees, contact name and extension, and UCSD index. You must also review the SDSC Facilities Rental/Use Policies for Internal UCSD Users. By making the reservation you are accepting the terms outlined in the policy.

There is no charge for all other SDSC meeting rooms. The no-charge meeting rooms should be booked in Outlook. Make sure you include your contact information when you book a room.

Registration Fees

If you are charging registration fees for a conference or workshop, see Cash Handling for SDSC-Sponsored Activities.

Non-UCSD Users

For non-UCSD user information, please visit the SDSC website under Conference Facilities.